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Are you a young finance professional full of ambition?


Do you want to develop your soft and hard skills to reach the next level in your career? 


Do you want to broaden your network? 

Then this concept is meant for you!


With this concept, we focus on the CFO of tomorrow. So we bring young ambitious finance professionals together and immerse them in the world of the challenges of the CFO. For them, it's all about discovering new elements and facets of the finance function! The participants get to know in depth the challenges and responsibilities of the finance function of 'real-case' companies.


The participants develop skills and knowledge in the areas of financial analysis, controlling, treasury, risk management and strategy management, but there is also attention for soft skills, such as leadership, teamwork and presentation techniques.  Finally, the participants take on the role of the CFO of a real-life case company and have to work out a solution for a current challenge facing CFOs


We start with a three-day boot camp. There, the participants get to know each other better, are inspired by keynote speakers and their best practices, but above all are immersed in the challenges of the CFO.


Workshops are set up that teach new skills, we bring in new technical insights, but above all we teach the participants to look at finance from a broader, strategic perspective. No number crunching, no discussion about the (academic) correctness of a calculation, but attention to interpretation, achieving more impact, .... That is why we always work with real-life business cases. 

In concrete terms: the previous edition focused on the companies Barco, Kinepolis and Upgrade Estate and gave the participants a workshop on presentation techniques, a workshop on analysis and stakeholder management, a workshop on M&A and managing growth, a workshop on risk management and a workshop on KPI determination in the event of a change of strategy. For the september workshop, we will focus on the companies Greenyard, SD Worx and Upgrade Estate.

Relive the last edition of this bootcamp:

PODCAST                                                                    VIDEO


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At the end of the boot camp, we create small teams of 3 to 4 people per team and those teams are given an actual, "real life" challenge by a number of CFOs. 

To give you a flavour, in the last edition challenges had to do with
- carbon accounting 
- investment decision 
- strategy change from a financial perspective 

The teams have the 3 months to formulate and present their answers. During this period, they can count on practical support, they can call on a team of experts, they have a mentor available who helps them if they get stuck, and in between, there is also contact with the commissioning CFOs to obtain additional information and insights and ask their questions.


The jury meeting is the formal 'evaluation moment' of the challenge. However, much more than an evaluation it is a feedback moment. The jury discusses the solutions they have proposed with the teams and gives them insight into the why and why not of the solutions. The jury consists of the commissioning CFOs.

The challenges do not have a 'wrong' or 'right' answer: it is mainly the approach and the way in which you as a team the challenges that can charm the jury. Were the teams able to broaden the scope of their approach and to think and act from a business partner perspective? Is the proposed solution a wild idea, a mindmap of ideas or do the teams succeed in substantiating the choices made? How has the team approach been to process the information, compile the insights and arrive at the choice of the proposed solution? Being right is one thing, convincing the jury is another: charm the jury with an engaging presentation and convince them of the solution. And finally: all challenges are equally important: focusing on one and neglecting the others is not the right approach to win


... and of course the winner should be honoured during a special award ceremony.



A minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 participants are allowed per bootcamp, so that either 4 to 6 teams of 3 participants are formed. Each team is then complemented by a final year economics or commercial engineering student with a keen interest in finance (further). 

Target group:
- at least 2 years in a finance function
- between 25 and 35 years old
















Budget and commitment
- 2000 euro participation fee* (including accommodation costs bootcamp - participation to the Young Finance Top and awardceremony - possibility to invite your colleagues to participate to the Young Finance Top for free)
- participation in bootcamp
- collaboration with assigned team on the challenges
- presentation to the jury
- participation in the award ceremony

* Do you combine Best Young Finance Team with the corporate finance or financial controlling postgraduates @ EMS, then the participation fee only amounts to 800 euro for the march bootcamp. 



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