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• It connects you with other finance professionals with the same interests or with knowledge you’re interested in to share


• Lets you discover who could inspire you about the topics you’d like to know more about


• Lets you connect to your peers who attend the same events and trainings


• Gives you access to more content and practical information of your events and trainings


• Gives you access to extra content related to your interests shared by other finance professionals




Login with your Financial Media account.
If you forgot your password, follow the instructions at the bottom of the login screen.

If you don’t have an account yet, there is the possibility to create one here.


See your profile and adjust if needed.

Home: Go to the home page for a general overview.

Messages: hat with your peers: easy to find each other at the events of trainings.

Events: Here you find all the details of the events and trainings and if you participate to one of these, you’ll find an overview of the other participants.

Peers: Find your peers and get connected


Take 5 minutes to create your content profile. The more precise and detailed you are, the better the quality of your Connect and the more specific the information you have access to, will be. You can adjust these settings at any moment.

If you have an interest or experience to share, please contact us and help us make the app better by adding new content domains.

You can choose the way you want to be contacted by other users of the app. Phone and email speak for themselves. If you choose In-App, you can only be reached by the chat function, which is part of this app. If you choose for an introduction by FM, this means that a Financial Media team member will take care of an introduction.



If you are in a conversation with your peers, this is the place where all your chats are accessible and kept. If you want to start a chat with someone for the first time, you have to look for that persons profile and start the conversation there. If the user is not active in Connect at that time, he will receive an e-mail.



Find out more about our current events or search for photos or presentations of past events

Scroll down to see all events and click for all detailed information.

If you are not registered for an upcoming event, you do so easily here with one simple tap.

If you are subscribed to an event or a training already, in the detail page of that event or training, you’ll find an overview of the other participants and their profile. You’ll connect very fast based on their interests and knowledge.


Here, you’ll find all people who attend the same events and trainings as you.

You can find them easily with the search engine.

Tap on a profile to see more details about this person.

If you want to connect to other members of our community: contact us for a subscription

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