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In addition to our range of knowledge events, finance labs, round tables and training, we also focus on webinars. They offer numerous advantages: fast, efficient, responding to current events (or in our case: responding to the content of "physical" events and training courses).

The webinars of Financial Media are conceived as digital inspiration sessions in which the practical testimony of a CFO is central to elaborating a topic, or where own research results form the basis for deepening a topic. Sometimes the webinars are also an addition or deepening to a topic or testimonial from one of our finance lab, round table, Finance Square meetings or events. The webinars are always an addition to the editors of CFO Magazine (before or after) or the CFO Barometers.

What options does a webinar offer for partnership options?

  • As a partner you can build visibility in the communication around the webinar: mailings, ads in CFO magazine, content clippings in CFO Ezine

  • As a partner you can bring your expertise into the program. We provide you a timeslot and we need to agree on the content and approach of sharing it. Under no circumstances we accept a commercial positioning or product demo to be integrated into the program.

How does it work?

  • Choose an already planned webinar the content of which matches the area of ​​expertise of your company or you agree with Financial Media on a topic to be chosen.

  • Financial Media will further develop the subject independently, but you are of course involved

  • We agree on how your contribution will be integrated as a whole: via a short keynote, an interview, a polling,….and we approve your slides to be integrated

  •  You can integrate a poll or call to action into the webinar also

  • Financial Media takes care of all communication and logistics of the organization of the webinar

  • A day before the webinar we organize a short dry run so that you are familiar with the system

  • At the time of the webinar you are available to participate

  • Afterwards you will have the details of the webinar, recording and participants

The number of Financial Media webinars is limited to a maximum of 2 per month.


Budget: 3000 euros / webinar

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