Management in Singularity (ENG)

Management in Singularity (ENG)

Are you ready for unprecedented acceleration in scientific and technological developments?
Innovations and scientific breakthroughs tripping over each other. This is not only perception, it’s a fact. Drivers of this acceleration can be found in the availability of super computers in new technologies like nanotechnology, 3 and 4D-printing, bionics and artificial intelligence.

In order to prepare ourselves, we need to change the way we think: linear thinking is to be replaced by exponential thinking. The best answer to the question ‘what’s your plan?’ is perhaps ‘there is no plan, only adaptability to developing circumstances’.

Humans will not be required anymore for the next software update. That point is called Singularity or Transcendence and is foreseen in 2035. Witnessing the current acceleration in technologic developments we are clearly on our way. One thing is for sure: singularity is nearer than you might think.

This book provides insight in important trends & developments and gives a guide to the first crucial steps you and your organization can take in order to be prepared for what has been called ‘The New Normal’. Included is a real-life case on ‘Maxion Wheels’ accelerated innovation journey’.

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Management in Singularity is also published in Dutch.


About the authors

Prof. Tjeu Blommaert was professor of business economics at the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands. He was (co-)author of dozens of books on business economics and business administration and a distinguished speaker on seminars and conferences. His company Blommaert Enterprise, located in Maastricht and in Willemstad (Curacao), offers training and consulting. He was partner (part-time) at CroweHorwath Foederer auditors & consultants. Tjeu Blommaert died on 28 September 2016.

Stephan van den Broek focuses on ‘organizational performance improvement’. Recognizing that innovation is key to the organization’s sustainable success he has learned as a financial that ‘employee engagement’ and ‘motivation’ or key to success. This insight led amongst others to the book ‘In Search for the Return on Trust’ which he wrote with Tjeu Blommaert. Stephan is partner at Management Meets Singularity and associated with Koenen & Co.

Erik Kolthof  has worked for years at Randstad Holding in several national and international positions like competence director Finance and ICT. In this position trends & developments, knowledge development and sharing were key. His expertise in fi nance and ICT labor markets resulted in several publications. Currently he is senior advisor at the Dutch Association for Accountants.