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26/02/2024 - 29/02/2024

The concept of 'Best Young Finance Team Bootcamp 2024,' this year in collaboration with AB InBev, is exclusively designed for young finance professionals. This exciting event will focus on the challenges of the CFO of AB InBev Europe.

Monday 26th of February: Networking

Get ready for an evening dedicated to connection and camaraderie. Check into your cozy rooms at 'Martin's Klooster,' then join us for a stroll through Leuven, where you'll get to know your fellow participants. The night concludes with a delicious dinner, during which you'll discover the teams for the challenges ahead. Here's to new connections, exciting beginnings, and the adventure that awaits! Cheers!

Tuesday 27th of February: Focus on 'Strategy'

The Challenge explained

Highlighting the pivotal role of finance teams in shaping organizational strategy, this challenge emphasizes the responsibility of providing key decision-makers, including the executive board, with essential insights. In addition to guiding the strategy, the finance team plays a crucial role in effectively communicating it to both internal stakeholders and external investors. Drawing inspiration from AB InBev's successful approach showcased in their recent capital markets day, the challenge aims to explore ways to replicate a similar strategy communication style within your company.

Keynote about Strategy by Kurt Verweire

Kurt Verweire is a well-known figure as a Professor of Strategy at Vlerick Business School, providing valuable support to companies in formulating and implementing their strategies. Kurt has developed numerous frameworks that offer the right insights for achieving better performance through successful strategic planning. As part of the Best Young Finance Team boot camp, he will deliver a keynote aimed at guiding participants in successfully tackling their 'strategy' challenge.

Brewery Tour

Immerse yourself in the world of brewing excellence with an exclusive tour of the AB InBev Brewery. Join us for an insider's look into the craftsmanship behind your favorite beverages. From malt to bottle, witness the artistry that goes into every sip. 


Kurt Verweire
Prof. Vlerick Business School

Wednesday 28th of February: Focus on 'Macro-Economy'

The Challenge explained

In an increasingly unpredictable global landscape marked by events like COVID, geopolitical tensions, and commodity fluctuations, this challenge underscores the finance team's role in providing clear direction, addressing unexpected disruptions, and ensuring the longevity of strategic plans. Emphasizing the need for a future-proof strategy, the focus is on building not just a narrow path to success but a robust, long-term vision.

Keynote about Macro-Economy

Thursday 29th of February: Focus on 'Sustainability'

Hans Verboven
Prof. Dr. UAntwerpen


The Challenge explained

Explore the active role of the finance team in sustainability reporting and agenda-setting. Emphasizing the dual importance of compliance with legal and ESG requirements, the challenge delves into AB InBev's approach to staying abreast of sustainability reporting standards. It seeks insights on how finance teams can contribute to decision-making, ensuring proactive leadership in sustainability rather than mere compliance.

Keynote about Sustainability by Hans Verboven

Dr. Hans Verboven, Professor in Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics at the Faculty of Business and Economics at UAntwerp, is an expert in sustainability management and growth strategies. As a pioneer in this field, Hans leads an ambitious sustainability management project for the Flemish Government, emphasizing the pivotal role of sustainability in achieving business excellence and innovation. Selected to deliver a keynote at the Best Young Finance Team Bootcamp, Hans Verboven continues to inspire the next generation on the imperative of incorporating sustainability into financial practices and decision-making for long-term success.


Business game: Sustainability KPI's

Dive into the Sustainability Game, a brand new experience for finance professionals! Navigate real-life scenarios, make impactful decisions, and explore the trade-offs of integrating sustainability into finance. This game is developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Bart Dierynck from TIAS. Assess your sustainability progress and uncover the hidden potential for positive change. This immersive game isn't just a challenge – it's a unique opportunity to reshape finance's role in a sustainable future.

Bart Dierynck 2.jpg

Bart Dierynck
Prof. Dr. TIAS



Important dates

Date bootcamp
• 26th to 29th of February

Date jurymeeting
• 7th of March

Date award ceremony (Young Finance Top)
• 21th of March


Location bootcamp:AB Inbev HQ, Leuven


Location jurymeeting:AB Inbev HQ, Leuven

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