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We are thrilled to announce the 'Best Young Finance Team Bootcamp 2024,' in collaboration with AB Inbev, exclusively designed for young finance professionals. This exciting event will take place in and around the impressive AB Inbev headquarters (Leuven).


February 26th to February 29th

AB Inbev Headquarters - Leuven


Real-life challenges

Participants will have the opportunity to tackle challenging cases curated by none other than Alexandre Pouille, VP Finance Europe at AB Inbev. 

Inspiring Workshops

Learn from seasoned finance professionals through engaging workshops designed to enrich your knowledge. 

Insightful Keynote Sessions

Get inspired by influential speakers and gain fresh insights that will propel your career in the world of finance. 

Unique Networking

Build valuable connections with fellow participants in an exceptional setting. 

Strategic Growth Opportunities 

Discover new strategies to accelerate your growth as a finance professional and take your career to new heights. 

Expert Feedback

In addition to tackling challenging cases, you'll receive valuable feedback from experts to enhance hard and soft skills. 


Your Challenger: Alexandre Pouille

As a creative and passionate professional, Alexandre Pouille brings a wealth of experience to the table, seamlessly blending backgrounds in sales, finance, law, accounting, and television. His unique perspective and international exposure have equipped him to tackle complex business challenges with a global outlook.

Energized by a dynamic work environment, Alexandre thrives on challenges and embraces the fast-paced, innovative nature of his work. He embarked on his career in Financial Planning & Analysis, allowing him to establish a strong connection between sales strategies and the final EBITDA results. Demonstrating his versatility, he successfully transitioned to lead a Sales team in Spain, showcasing his ability to generate sales leads and drive business growth. Currently, he holds the helm of the entire finance team at AB InBev Europe, steering them through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alexandre's passion for thinking differently is matched only by his enthusiasm for forging new personal connections, exploring diverse beer flavors, and pursuing his interests in Speech and Debate as well as General Aviation.


Alexandre Pouille
VP Finance Europe
AB Inbev


Jury Meeting and Winner Announcement

On March 14th, the exciting jury meeting will take place, where different teams will present their results to a prestigious panel of judges, including:

  • CFO AB Inbev Europe

  • 3 Director Reports AB Inbev

  • Global VP of Tax AB Inbev

  • Global VP of Control AB Inbev

The winner of the bootcamp will be announced at the 'Young Finance Top' event. This is an established concept where workshops cater to the needs of young finance professionals. The winning team will be highlighted with an award presentation and attractive rewards. Young Finance Top will take place on March 21st.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to boost your financial career and forge valuable connections at the 'Best Young Finance Team Bootcamp 2024.' We look forward to seeing you there!

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