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  • What?
    A survey with our target group on a specific, relevant topic. The results of which are then explained and commented by you. The whole is elaborated as an extensive article / section in CFO Magazine in addition to extensive digital exposure.


  • How does it work?
    The editors of CFO Magazine will draw up a survey with the input of your expertise (we organize a meeting to agree on the content of the survey or we email back and forth a few times) and have it filled in by the members of the CFO community.
    The questionnaire is drawn up in a neutral way and its primary objective is to offer a comparison point to our readers' community; so typical commercial question/product or service marketresearch is not the objective of this concept).
    As soon as we have gathered enough responses to present a representative result, we will start to make an article with your input. The basis of the article is an interview with your specialists, but a round table or the integration of an illustrative case are also possible. The editors of CFO Magazine ensure realization from A to Z...


  • Guaranteed exposure and return
    You will have the opportunity to interpret, analyze and comment on the results in an article in CFO Magazine, with digital exposure as well. In this way you will be positioned as an expert and thought leader around a certain topic. The article is about 4 to 8 pages long (depending on the format) and your branding and contact details are integrated as well.

    The digital elaboration is of course the provision of the article in the digital media of CFO Magazine (website as blog article, article full text search in CFO Database, article in the apps of Financial Media and content clipping in CFO Ezine to the results and the article)

    Based on the results, we make a benchmark app (which becomes part of the Financial Media App) users can then compare their answers with those of their peers.

    You get all the materials to distribute and publish on your own media (you don’t get the database of individual results en details of people who participated)

    You can add your wishlist of receivers to our ‘controlled circulation’ adresses (max 500) and add a personalized letter to the shipment to this specific target group


  • Extra’s?
    Video or podcast or webinar or round table  


  • Budget:
    8.000 euro, excl VAT.

    Please contact us for a more detailed budget with options or other personalization integrated.


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